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Texas Forever: A Friday Night Lights Podcast

Jun 21, 2019

The McCoys throw the team party, causing Tami and Coach to fight even though they both hate hosting the thing. Tim ditches Lyla to steal copper wire (2008 recession flashback!). Matt and Julie make fun of poor little rich boy JD, then run away like the awkward teens they are when he overhears them.


Texas Forever is a...

May 31, 2019

An episode full of questions: Would Meryl make a good student body president? Does Liz only like Tim and Lyla together because they’re hot? Why does this episode’s writer forget everything that happened to Smash only one episode ago, and have him regress into not knowing if he wants to play football again?!



May 24, 2019

Tami’s somehow the principal now, Smash got rejected from college (again-again!), and the McCoy family shows up.


Texas Forever is a Friday Night Lights rewatch podcast. Follow us at @TexasForeverPod, @MerylWilliams, and @LizJuranek. Theme song: "Devil Town," Tony Lucca.

Apr 20, 2019

We discuss our favorite characters from season 2 – no, not Pee Girl. Why are there so many generic girlfriends that we can’t even remember their names? Why will we never see Santiago again? Can Peter Berg guest star every season?

Texas Forever is a Friday Night Lights rewatch podcast. Follow us at @TexasForeverPod,...

Apr 12, 2019

We discuss our favorite plot points from season 2 – yes, there were some gems hidden in this terrible season. Really hidden. Along the way, we write a porno for what we wish happened in Mexico, and Meryl pitches a TV pilot where Herc coaches roller derby. That would probably turn into a porno, too.

Texas Forever is a...