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Texas Forever: A Friday Night Lights Podcast

Jul 27, 2018

We hang with our friend Gina Watters (@cheetahmariee) and talk about Coach's disastrous presser, Landry's seduction skills, Lyla quitting dumb dudes, Matt's winning touchdown, and Tami's visit to Planned Parenthood—here comes the Mud Bowl Baby!


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Jul 13, 2018

Coach promises not to take the TMU job, then takes it. Tami wants to stay in Dillon, because just look at all the kids that need her help: Tim and Tyra dealing with (separate!) sexual crimes, Waverly's illness, Lyla dumping Jason, and Matt gearing up for state while dealing with his girlfriend moving away. Also,...

Jul 6, 2018

Tim's Beyoncé, Jason loves Oprah, Buddy makes a chemical spill all about himself, a cow makes Connie Britton laugh, and Meryl and Liz write FNL/Bring It On fan fiction. Oh, and the Panthers are going to state for realsies this time.


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